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#EdObstacles is responding to overwhelming demand!

Join us at our next public EdObstacle Course:

At The Georgia Freight Depot In Downtown Atlanta

October 22, 2017

Check out last year's course at MakerFaire:

#FieldNotes 2: Producer’s View

By edpasnsmin | September 27, 2017 | 13,428 Comments

By Valerie C. Lewis Over a year ago, an idea had been brewing and stirring in the hearts and minds of a few educators across the nation. The excitement of working together was shared amongst all of them but most importantly, a plan was set in place to launch this concept. This would ultimately transform…

#FieldNotes 1 – Student Producer

By edpasnsmin | September 27, 2017 | 14,321 Comments

By Choyen Waymouth During the first days of October, 2016, people from all over the Southeast flocked to the Atlanta Maker Faire. The Maker Faire, held in Dekalb county, is a place for makers and maker-enthusiasts to show the world something new, exciting and innovative. This year, Discovery High School of Gwinnett County has done…

EdObstacles: teaching kids through movement

EdObstacles is an immersive learning adventure that combines K-12 academics with a physical obstacle course that adapts to students of all ages and grade levels. Teams advance through challenges across all major subject areas, collaborating on common goals, while improving their social and physical stamina.

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